2017 Furlough

Each year, Hannah and I do everything in our power to hit the pause button here in Nicaragua and fly back to Indiana for a short respite.  This time has consistently been life-giving for us year-to-year and we always look forward to it months in advance!

This year, we opted for a slightly longer furlough than normal.  We’ll be spending full two months stateside, starting October 2 all the way through November 30th.  We’re going to be moving around a lot during our two months back, including roughly a week in Indiana, Ohio, Colorado, and Alabama.

We, of course, would love to catch up with everyone, grab coffee or dinner, and enjoy spending precious time with friends and family while stateside.  Feel free to reach out if any of the dates below would work well for us to get together.

Oct 3rd – Oct 10th – Noblesville Indiana area

Oct 11th – Oct 16th – Medina/Cleveland Ohio area

Oct 17th – Oct 22nd – Noblesville Indiana area

Oct 23 – Oct 30th – Brandon will be in the Denver Colorado area, Hannah and kids in Anderson Indiana.

Nov 2nd – Nov 11th – Columbus Indiana area

Nov 12th – Nov 16th – Noblesville Indiana area

Nov 20th – Nov 23rd – Northern Indiana

Nov 25th – Nov 29th – Mobile Alabama area

Nov 30th – Fly back to Nicaragua

As we usually do, we will need to do some fundraising to help cover the cost of our trip, especially now that we are traveling as a family of four.  If you are interested in helping support the cost of our trip, you can give online at this link: http://www.ourmissionstory.com/support-us/

We currently need to raise approximately $2500 between now and December.

Lastly, we will be bringing back amazing coffee and Beto’s handcrafted products in order to raise funds for that initiative.  Please consider supporting Don Beto and his team by purchasing some merchandise which make for great Christmas gifts.  As we always say, the products your buy reflect the causes you believe in!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Let us know what you think