The Arts and Language Institute

Our community has expressed the need for a place dedicated to mastering the arts and English. Many students want to learn how to skillfully play instruments, make artisan goods and speak fluent English, but their school day does not permit the time to do so. We are looking into starting an Arts and Language Institute here in Masatepe! We are in need of teachers, both short term and long term. Please consider serving in that capacity! We also need school supplies and gently used instruments.


Supporting the local schools

Tuition for school is free, but the cost of school supplies, uniforms, books and backpacks can really put a strain on families. The city budget for education is small, and primarily goes to repairing or renovating high schools. Please consider blessing local schools by donating money for school supplies!


ESL Teachers

Job opportunities for Nicaraguans that do not speak fluent English are slim. The best chance for a student to get a sustainable job or higher education is for them to know English. That being said, English teachers are always in high demand! If you have a passion for the next generation and want to help open doors for future success, teaching ESL just might be the project for you.


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