Prompt Procrastination

It’s befitting and almost necessary to post this blog a little late… making it appropriately prompt in it’s procrastinated essence. I’ve had the idea to write this blog for a few days, inspired by a recent conversation between Brandon and I regarding some repercussions birthed from procrastination… my procrastination.

It was one of those feel good, warm fuzzy types of conversations… ok, not entirely. You know these types of conversations, they can only be had with a spouse or someone really close to you. But it was needed AND it gave me a good look in the mirror.  In the future, I’ll recognize it as having significantly influenced a positive change and improvement in my life. (It is still Hannah writing, incase you began to wonder.)

Celebrating the New Year helps us get into a frame of mind where we’re much more open to address areas of our lives that need improvement. We set stretch goals in areas of our life professionally, personally, and spiritually. We desire to make changes that will have satisfying results and we’re willing to prioritize our time, energy, and money differently then we did the year before. It’s a wonderful feeling to be given another chance to sketch out a “better” year.

My goal oriented husband is all set for 2018 and I’ve got some ideas, just not in written form, yet.

Something Brandon said recently, and has said before, is that he’ll measure our success here in Nicaragua on just a few key relationships we’ve established. And when he says that, there’s a part of me that nods in complete Christian agreement, “oh, yeah that’s good!” and then another part of me that is vehemently shaking my head no, no, no, no…. no.

No, I want to measure ministry projects. I want to measure learning another language. I want to measure how long we’ve lasted on the field. Measuring relationships, is actually measuring me. The real me. The honest, uglier side of me. The side of me that then decides to measure relationships differently… “Did I make any enemies this year? None? Success!”

Lowering the bar of relationship quality will not lead to any kind of success, ever.

Procrastinating on relationships just simply isn’t Biblical or an example of how Jesus lives. It doesn’t take long to conceptualize the horrible condition our lives would be in if Jesus had procrastinated with the disciples, and with us. Procrastinating would have delayed reconciliation, forgiveness, healing, and love.

I know the very people whom I’ve been procrastinating with relationally and I need every ounce of God-given courage to close the gap between us. It’s not about not making enemies. And I know that, somewhere deep inside. Maybe a face came to mind as you’ve been reading this also… if so, trust me, that’s your person. Go ahead and pout for a minute, but that’s your person.

I wish for your sake and mine, that the step towards reconciling this relationship was a simple email or phone call, and that may very well be the start towards healing, but it’s the journey made of many steps that will require more than a 5-minute attempt. And those steps, the more painful, less gratifying-in-the-moment ones, are when we begin addressing the areas where we’ve delayed character development, causing relationships to be in the procrastination zone anyways. Our delay of learning good listening skills, demonstrating patience and reliability, extending grace and forgiveness, setting priorities and boundaries, breaking habits and creating new ones, and so much more, is what this journey will reveal… Can I get an “ugh” and an “amen”?

After that warm fuzzy conversation, Brandon and I promptly watched a TedTalk video by Tim Urban, called, “Inside the mind of a procrastinator.” It’s a 15-minute talk and worth the interruption of the mindless Facebook scrolling you’re doing, or if you’re just needing an excuse to procrastinate…here’s a freebie:

He articulates in a unique way, what Moses expressed in Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

But something more like, “Teach the panic monster to come out and scare away the instant gratification monkey behind the wheel.” Curious now?!

Tim may not know that Moses laid out the original strategy to combat procrastination when he wrote that (shoot, I didn’t even realize Moses wrote a psalm until I wrote this), but still I think Moses would have liked Tim’s message because the goal’s the same.

Be intentional.

Be mindful.

Be good stewards of time.

Be wise.

Be relational.

Happy New Year my friends. If you’d like a prayer partner in combating a procrastinated relationship, email me. ( I’ll need prayer to act promptly too.


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