(real) Eggs this Easter

Happy Easter from the Weidman family!  Our first Easter as a family of 4!

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We want to invite you into a unique opportunity to support one of our projects this Easter season.  As many of you know and maybe have followed along with on our Facebook feeds, one of our principle ministries is an egg farm we run that provides eggs to local preschool children.  We currently have 252 children sponsored via this program, which is roughly 1/4th of all of the preschool-aged kids in our town!  Our goal is to reach 800 children sponsored via this program, which would put an egg a day into the mouths of every 3-5 year old child in Masatepe.  Research shows that animal proteins are a vital element of development at that specific age range, which is why this is such an important initiative to us.  Most of these children are not getting 3 full meals a day and are lacking holistic diets in general, so this not only provides daily sustenance, but also educates the community in the importance of investing in children at this vital stage of their development.

As we maintain our farm as a sustainable provider of these eggs, we occasionally need to sell off under-productive chickens.  Our goal is to sell 500 chickens this week, of which we’ve currently sold 215.  We’d like to invite you into this program by offering the opportunity to purchase a chicken for a Nicaraguan family at just $4/piece.  We will deliver these birds to local families and churches as a small gift in light of the Easter season, and the income will go to replacing those chickens with new, more productive ones on our farm.

1 Chicken = $4
10 Chickens = $40
100 Chickens = $400
Small investment, big impact.


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Hannah with Doña Coco delivering chicken

Local pastors being blessed with chickens  Egg-laying chickens Our flockEgg donations

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