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Becoming “support-funded” has been one of the most challenging processes we have faced to date.

Facing feelings of uncertainty, believing that God had enabled us to “provide for ourselves”, and going through the humbling process of asking friends and family for financial support were all things that we spent much time talking and praying about leading up to our decision to move to Nicaragua. Thankfully, we were able to push through those limiting beliefs and have gained a renewed perspective on life and the true meaning of living in Christian community .  The fact is, we wouldn’t be here in Nicaragua right now if we hadn’t come to terms with support-raising, and we would have missed out on the blessing of having seen many lives (including our own lives) transformed by the power of God.

Those following our work in Nicaragua often ask us about our particular financial model.  Most people assume that we draw a salary from the businesses or projects we manage, but that is not the case.  We decided from the beginning that we were going to keep our personal income completely separate from the  businesses, in order to fully allow those businesses to employ and empower Nicaraguans and sustain the work we do.  Therefor, we raise support for our own salaries in addition to raising funds for businesses and program costs.

International Teams, the organization we work for, operates on a support-funded model and we have agreed to make fundraising a part of our role here in Nicaragua, both for projects/ministries as well as for our living expenses. ITeams has a very streamlined process for receiving support in the form of one-time gifts or recurring monthly contributions, receipting those gifts for us as well as for your tax purposes, and making the process secure and transparent for all parties.

Our current need is for monthly support

If you are interested in supporting us, you can click the link below which will automatically take you to a page with our information pre-filled. Most of our supporters choose to give recurring gifts of $25, $50 or $100 a month, which get charged automatically to your credit card or checking account and keep things simple for both sides . For others, one-time or annual gifts are simpler for tax purposes or other reasons, and we are just as thankful for those!  You can also choose to do Stock gifts (transfer of stock), which we’ve had a number of supporters do over the years.

Your support empowers us to do the work we do, which in turn empowers Nicaraguans to do the work they do, and ultimately brings us all into the work God is doing in all of our lives.  Thank you for becoming a financial partner in the mission we’re on to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God.

-Brandon & Hannah Weidman

International Teams Online Donation to the Weidmans



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