Why Kickstarter?

Spreading Cheer!

We imagine by now you are aware our Kickstarter Campaign for Beto’s Coffee Company launched the beginning of the month. If you are in our Facebook network, the announcement has been dominating the newsfeed! Thanks to everyone who has faithfully and fiercely shared it! We are at a point where the average backer is not someone we know personally, but they’ve heard about it through you! It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from the movie Elf… yes, I’m about to quote Elf.

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Thank you for spreading Beto’s cheer!

We also had our products featured in a couple of different coffee industry articles, broadening our network even more and bringing great exposure to the business!

Check out the write-ups here:

– Up Cycle That

– Pure Coffee Blog

– Coffee Detective

Another highlight is the additional exposure we’re getting in country. We’ve had numerous business owners reach out to us with interest of displaying/selling our products in their stores!

Why Kickstarter?

Possibly this question has crossed your mind. Typically, Kickstarter is used to launch an idea for a product or project. In our situation, we already have the product, we just need more people to know about it! Kickstarter enabled us to officially launch our website and to grow our customer base quickly. Due to our limited exposure before now, our supply grew faster than our demand and we were forced to lay off several workers at the beginning of this year….not just workers, but people we love and consider to be part of our team. They are eager to get back to sewing and creating, and we’re ready to have them back, too!

The model we have with the coffee shop and the products we make in-house isn’t your average situation. The business has 3 primary goals: 1) to be sustainable 2) to employ locals who can join us in serving the community 3) to give back to the community. For it to be sustainable it must be profitable, have sales, and grow economically. Likewise to employ locals. However, it’s not to be considered a charity. It does have the responsibility to contribute towards community development and support ministries, but the ability to do that comes from profits, not from donations.


Next Steps!

Now we are a week away from the campaign ending and still have 15% of our goal to reach, just around $4,000. So we’re close, but these last few days are critical! Please take the time to do the following:

  1. Share one of the above blog posts on your Facebook.  For many people, seeing another website post about a product or project adds credibility.
  2. Reshare the campaign on Facebook to remind your networks that time is running out!  Use this link:  http://kck.st/1JXTfJu
  3. Check back in with your friends and family that you have already engaged with about the campaign and ask them if they were able to back the campaign. Remind them time is running out and thank them for considering backing now!
  4. Become a backer yourself!  If you haven’t backed yet, you can do so for as low as $5 and that helps drive up the # of backers which instills confidence for those watching.
  5. Think of one person you are connected to on Facebook that is “celebrity” status in the social media realm, and send them a private message asking them to share the campaign for a good cause.  The right person sharing this to thousands of followers could make all the difference in the world at this point!
  6. That’s it! We’re looking forward to watching Beto’s Coffee Company cross the finish line on March 3rd, as we’re standing next to each of you cheering on this team of amazingly talented Nicaraguans who deserve this opportunity to use their God-given gifts to provide for their families, their ministries and their community in the most honorable way possible, by working hard and earning it.


Muchísimas Gracias from the Beto’s team!!

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